IJ-WJ: Error Messages

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    IJ-65, IJ-70, IJ-75, IJ-80, IJ-85, IJ-90, IJ-110
    WJ135, WJ150, WJ180, WJ185, WJ215, WJ220, WJ250
    Autofeed Sealer (AFS) Error Codes
    A100 "A100 Feeder error Remove Mail"
    A101 "A101 Cover is open or terminator disconnected"
    A104 "A104 Envelope oversize"
    A106 "A106 Feeder error Please check envelope"
    A107 "A107 Please remove mail or check thickness adjustment"
    A108 "A108 Feeder error Letter jam or envelope too long"
    A109 "A109 Feeder error envelope too short"
    A110 "A110 Hopper empty or check thickness adjustment"
    A115 "A115 Hopper empty or check thickness adjustment"
    A116 "A116 Feeder error remove mail from the path"    
    Mixed Mail Feeder (MMF) Error Codes
    A202 "A202 Sensor calibration error"
    A212 "A212 Out of water"
    A213 "A213 Feeder error breakdown sensor"
    A215 "A215 Feeder error feeder empty"
    A255 "A255 Scale has been powered ON after Base"
    IJ-65, IJ-75, IJ-85 | WJ135, WJ180, WJ215 Base Error Codes
    E101 "E101 Conveyor open or not properly closed"
    E106 "E106 Machine locked after 8 unsuccessful attempts of user PIN code"
    E154 "E154 No Inker detected"
    E156 "E156 Defective Inker"
    E158 "E158 Ink Expired"
    E159 "E159 Ink Expired" 
    E161 "E161 Pending audit Meter”
    IJ-80, IJ-90, IJ-110 | WJ185, WJ220, WJ250 Base Error Codes
    E166 "E166 Defective Printhead"
    Base Error Codes
    M102 "M102 System configuration problem"
    M110 "M110 Inconsistency between Base and Meter country"
    M121 "M121 Document Jam"
    M129 "M129 Check Document Conveyor"
    M133 "M133 Mail class or rate configuration no longer valid"
    M137 "M137 Label Jam in ALD"
    M142 "M142 Envelope detected by a previous module but not by the Base"
    M193 "M193 Invalid meter"
    M195 "M195 Connection Problem Check Modem"
    M212 "M212 Printhead carriage error"
    M221 "M221 Check Conveyor "
    M250 "M250 Transaction Default - If error remains, call service"
    M253 "M253 Busy Line"
    M255 "M255 Check power supply"
    M283 "M283 Weight over mail class limit"
    M285 "M285 Mail Transport Error Check Mail Path"
    M306 "M306 Pic code and service do not match"
    M307 "M307 Scanned ZIP may have different rate, correct or use scale"
    M312 "M312 Cannot Select Valid Connection Parameters"
    M418 "M418 Download Failed"
    Dynamic Scale Error Codes
    S103 "S103 Load cell locked"
    S111 "S111 Thickness CalibrationError Try Again"
    S122 "S122 No status in change of the motor"
    S123 "S123 Auto zero correction"
    S132 "S132 Thickness calibration"
    Meter Error Codes
    T112 "T112 "Date inconsistent within meter"
    T207 "T207 Switch off machine and restart"
    T231 "T231 No communication with Memory Card"
    Miscellaneous Error Codes
    Error 19
    Error 20
    Error 31
    Error 32
    Error 33
    Error 36
    PO Lockout

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