IJ-35, IJ-40, IJ-45, IJ-50, IJ-60, WJ60, WJ65, WJ90, WJ95, WJ110: Replacing The Moistening Brush

  1. Replacing The Moistening (Sealing) Brush

    Determine Which type of feeder you have

    Semi-Auto / HandFeeder

    To replace the brush on a Semi-Auto Feeder:  

    1. Detach the old brush from the sealer blade.
    - Attach the new brush.
    - Make sure the new brush moves freely and contacts the moistening sponge.

     Img_IJ-WJ_LowEnd_RepBrushHandFeed01_US-EN_jpg Img_IJ-WJ_LowEnd_RepBrushHandFeed02_US-EN_jpg

    - Do not break the plastic hinge on the new brush.



    Replacing the brush on an AutoFeeder:

    1. Separate the feeder from the base by lifting the base up and to the right.



    2.  Separate the Moistener Brush assembly from the feeder by lifting the feeder up and to the left.



    3. Detach the old brush from the sealing blade.
    - Attach the new brush to the sealing blade.




    4. Re-install the moistener brush assembly.



    5. Reattach the feeder to the mailing machine.
    - Line up the plastic tabs and lift the base up and over them.


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WJ60, WJ65, WJ90, WJ95, WJ110, WJ60, WJ65, WJ90, WJ95, WJ110