IM280, IS-280: Performing A Postal Inspection (Audit) With iMeter PC Link

  1. A postal inspection (audit) connects the PSD (meter) to the funds server and uploads the PSD (meter) register information. After a 90-day period of inactivity (no connection to Funds Server), the postage functions are automatically deactivated to protect your funds. To reactivate postage functions, a postal inspection must be performed. Icon_userFunc_SmBox  Icon_funds_SmBox IM240 IM280 IS-240 IS-280 Icon
    A DPA-03-023 or PSD-03-023 “PSD Locked” message occurs after 109 days of a audit not being performed. When an audit is performed, the mailing machine communicates with the server.
    - USPS regulations require that your meter must be reset or communicate with the server at least once every three months.
    - After three months without adding postage, a "PSD locked" error message is displayed and can be cleared by performing an audit.
    - If you wish to avoid a "PSD locked" error message, you can perform an audit at any time prior to the timer expiration.

    tip • If you have iMeter PC Link installed you can not using the mailing system to do a postal inspection (audit), you must use the iMeter PC Link application installed on the PC to perform the postal inspection.
    • You can also use the postal inspection to set the mailing system time after Daylight Savings Time transitions, as the postal inspection connection to the Postal Services Server (Funds Server) also sets the mailing system time and date.

  2. Postal Inspection (Audit) With iMeter PC Link Application Installed:
    To perform an audit on the IM / IS mailing machines, do the following:
    1. If it is not already plugged in, plug in the USB cable from the mail machine to the PC (computer) where iMeter PC Link application is installed.
    2. Make sure the mail machine is on the home screen.  You may have to press OK to clear the messages or press the home button to return to the home screen.
    3. Open the iMeter PC Link application from your PC desktop.
    4. Click on the Funds Management button (below in yellow).
    iMeter PC Link Audit for DPA-03-023 and PSD-03-023
    5. Click on the Postal Inspection button (above in red).
    6. The system will ask you to confirm the action.  Press OK.
    7. The system will make the necessary call to the server and display a message “Transaction Successful.”

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